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Learning statistics. Doing statistics. Or, at the least, training statistics. Humility towards stat was one of my first learnings.  Hi, my name is Carsten. I’m Dane living in Spain with my wife and two children. I have been 20 years in sales, marketing, writings and startups and now skilling me up in mathematical statistics and statistical programming. Can I join you on my further learning path?


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What impact do right decisions have? Let data support your decisions.

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Regression Analysis. Inference about Regression. Multiple Regression. Non-Parametric Statistics. Time Series…

Tests & Estimations

Statistical Significance Tests. Confidence Intervals. Goodness of Fit. Sampling Design. Sampling. ANOVA…


Ph.D. Dissertations. Homework. Exam Prep. Students’ Projects. Online Teaching. Statistics in Excel…

Projects & Languages

PRINCE2 Certified. Statistical Environment in Excel. Spanish. German. English. Swedish. Norwegian. Danish.

Quality Control

Dynamic Documents


Statistical Testing


AB Split Test


Predictive Analysis


Excel Setup for Statistics

Excel Automation (VBA)

Google Analytics

What they say

These references point to my ‘earlier’ career before starting with statistical data analysis: 20 yrs within sales, marketing, writings and startups. 

I headhuntet Carsten.

With his analytical skills he optimized our logistics and increased productivity throughout our organization. 

Carsten is a top professional knowing the art of converting highly complex concepts into simple solutions. He boosted our sales and developed our network of sales agents.

Peter Suurballe

Director, Acom Electric SL

As designer in Zapin, I worked very closely with Carsten who acted as interface between our clients and designers. Carsten worked out procedures for different processes. He dominated the demand specifications and was a strong communicator balancing client quality expectations with scopes of productions. A great professional and a good colleague.

Nina Fokdal

Global Gateways

Based on his sharp analytical skills, Carsten developed and implemented working procedures and systems. He built up the sales department from scratch. He achieved to streamline the company and the working procedures across the organization. As interface between our clients and our technical department Carsten …. ensuring our clients’ absolute satisfaction.

Claus Sorensen

CEO, spain-holiday.com

My notes on statistics

Here’s a directory of my notes on statistics. This is how I’m learning. Can they be useful for you too? Are you a learner, a teacher or a data professional? Each page has a comment module. Thanks for your comments! Soon, I will be uploading +100 exercises and real life cases with step-by-step solutions.


My notes on R programming

Here’s a directory of my notes on R programming. 


Starting with R


Probability distributions in R                 


Bivariate analysis in R

  • One-sample t-test in R
  • Two-sample t-test in R
  • Mann Whitney U aka Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test
  • Bootstrap hypothesis testing in R
  • Bootstrap confidence interval in R
  • Permutation hypothesis test in R
  • Paired t-test in R
  • Wilcoxon signed rank test in R
  • ANOVA, multiple comp. & Kurskal Wallis in R
  • Chi-square test, Fishers Exact Test & cross tab in R
  • Calculate odd’s ratio & relative risk in R
  • Correlation and covariance in R


Linear regression in R

  • Simple linear regression in R
  • Multiple linear regression in R
  • Changing numeric variables to categorical
  • Creating dummy variables
  • Change reference category
  • Including variables in regression
  • Multiple linear regression with interaction
  • Interpreting interaction in linear regression
  • Partial F-test variable selection
  • Polynomial regression in R

Logistic regression in R

  • The origins of logistic regression
  • Odd’s ration
  • Likelihood profiling
  • Measure of Goodness
  • Prediction
  • Checking the model


Survival analysis in R

  • Survival objects
  • Kaplan-Meier estimates
  • The log-rank test
  • The Cox proportional hazards model


Poisson regression in R            

  • Survival analysis with constant hazard
  • Fitting Poisson models
  • Computing rates
  • Models with piecewise constant intensities


Nonlinear curve fitting in R    

  • Finding starting values
  • Self-starting models
  • Finer control of the fitting algorithm

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Learning statistics. Doing statistics. Freelance since 2005. Dane. Living in Spain. With my Spanish wife and two children. 

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20 years in sales, analysis, journalism and startups. See what my customers and partners say about me.