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Big Data Analysis

Data Mining, Cluster Analysis, Data Tidying, Statistical Analysis, Visualization, Programming, Algorithms…

Tests & Prediction

Hypothesis & Significance, CI, Type I and II Errors, Power & Sample Size, Chi-Square, ANOVA, Regressions...

Statistical Programming

Descriptive & Inferential, Modeling, Automation, Interactive Web Applications, Web Scraping…


Ph.D. Assist

Firm write-up on Ph.D. dissertations. Statistical Analysis, Data handling, Mathematical Modelling…

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Big Data Handling

Data Mining

Cluster Analysis

Statistical Testing


Statistical Analysis


Predictive Analysis

Data Visualizations

Interactive Web Applications


I headhuntet Carsten.

With his analytical skills he optimized our logistics and increased productivity throughout our organization.

Carsten is a top professional knowing the art of converting highly complex concepts into simple solutions. He also developed our network of sales agents.

Peter Suurballe

Director, Acom Electric SL

As designer in Zapin, I worked very closely with Carsten who acted as interface between our clients and designers.

Carsten worked out procedures for different processes. He dominated the demand specifications and was a strong communicator balancing client quality expectations with scopes of productions. A great professional and a good colleague.

Nina Fokdal

Global Gateways

Based on his sharp analytical skills, Carsten developed and implemented working procedures and systems. He built up the sales department from scratch. He achieved to streamline the company and the working procedures across the organization. As interface between our clients and our technical department Carsten …. ensuring our clients’ absolute satisfaction.

Claus Sorensen



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Learn statistics with me. On these pages I describe different statistical disciplines. See also my blog, Statistics, with real life cases, exercises with worked solutions and related articles. 

Simple linear regression, Inference

Inference, intro
LINER model
Residual plots
Std. error on slope
Confidence intervals
Hypothesis test
Mean & single response intervals
Transforming data
Leverage & influential points

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