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My name is Carsten Grube. I’m Danish and since year 2000 I have lived in Malaga, Spain.
Carmen, my wife, is Spanish and together we have our two children, Christian and Sofía.
We live in the country side of Malaga in the Coín-Alhaurín area surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature.
Thanks to my friend and photographer, Etienne, for this photo: Etienne Racine: etienneracine22@gmail.com

My journey 2015-20


To start, or not to start…

I had enjoyed statistics during my studies and wanted to explore the long-term possibilities of living from statistics.

Little money, little time: With one income, two small children, being full-time dad, I was not to start a paid career. I had to do it as a self-study.

Initial questions: Based on my starting point of no mathematical and no statistical memory, the questions were obvious:

  • Am I being realistic?
  • Can I ever, through self-studying, reach the needed level?
  • What are the long-term possibilities?

Thank you, network: I put these questions through to my network of statisticians and other data professionals, and I am still thankful to those of you who took your time to review my idea. Should I do a (much too) generalized and overall conclusion, of your reviews, it might be something like: “Hmm… could be!”. Teasing! So, I jumped in.

So… My starting point was 7th grade math and some 4 months later I arrived calculus and yet a number of months later I landed statistics at the level where I had left off in my career: Supposedly around a BSc level.

Today: As of May 2020, I might still be some 1-2 years from the final answer. But, so far, my interpretation of the “Hmm… could be”-answer is due to lack of precedence. Not many aged full-time parents with small children (are naive/willing/unrealistic enough to) launch a self-study in statistics aiming to make a living of it.


Started school project, parked the studies

Please, allow me a few lines of emotional, non-statistical and highly biased writings:

When the Spanish (un) educational system took its grip on our children, I got “fairly creative” (red ‘frustrated’). At first, I started calling alternative schools around Spain to see if I could help them opening here in Malaga. I did not succeed. So, I initiated my own project for the opening of the new (un)* school, Malaga Hills – free2learn.

‘(Un) school’ because the future “school” might not (should not!) be anything like what we understand as a school. At least if we take it from child neuroscience and to the demands of the future job market (ref. World Economic Forum’s report ‘Future of Jobs’).

But, maybe less (or more) scientifically, the hearts of so many parents seek a respectful and intelligent education for their children:

  • Children are genius, by nature
  • Children are passionate learners, by nature
  • Children are respectful, by nature
  • Living is not different from learning
  • Teaching is not equal to learning

If we accept and understand the depth of these truths, we might stop injecting standardized knowledge-based learning into our children which, according to neuroscience specialists:

  • has zero relevance to future jobs and reality
  • is only retained to be reproduced in tests and then forgotten
  • harms children’s intrinsic intelligence

Accepting and understanding these truths, we might start respecting our children’s organic maturing processes. Organic cultivating instead of artificial injections.

Uff!!.. did you get to this point? Sorry! Maybe these lines explain what upper forces got into me and why I parked the stat studies.

Dec 2017 I decided to park the studies. July 2018, I completed the Malaga Hills presentation. This connected me to helpful persons, and we could soon join smaller groups elaborating on the project.

Thank you for your support and help: Libremente group, Talleys, Gonzales, Chris, Ross, Selma, Sandra and thanks to Ojo de Agua, El Dragón, Khan Lab School & Sudburry Valley for providing materials and for being the references that you are.


New school and back to stat

During 2019 I was writing featuring articles for the Scandinavian magazine, Solkysten, giving the opportunity to elaborate articles on education.

The intention with Malaga Hills is that we soon will have a formalized team that, together with families supporting the project, will be presented on Malaga Hills own website. Thus, Malaga Hills will be a start-off platform meanwhile searching for the right “been-there-done-that-person” to take over the steering wheel.

March 2019, Christian & Sofia started the new Montessori school, Caracoliris, in our area. That has made a beautiful change and relieve for our family. And as Malaga Hills now had its own life, I could finally take up my statistics studies again and climb to my current position.

My journey 1996-2015


Graduated at Copenhagen West, as Market Economist with a `BSc level in Mathematical Statistics. Export Advisor at Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires and start-up of the subsidiary Velux A/S Argentina.


Start-up of Danish IT-company. Zapin.net, and of investment group subsidiary, VTP SA, for ex-CEO at Vestas Group A/S in Spain. Market analysis, strategy, development and implementation of working procedures. launch and client servicing. 


Started as self-employed and entered a 5 years exclusivity agreement with the Scandinavian real estate agency, Casa Una. Sales & listings, development and implementation of working procedures, legal documentation, new media…


Became dad. Started Contacto.dk, targeting Danish companies with activities on Spanish speaking markets. Sales, IT-support, analysis, Spanish language services. Certification PRINCE2.

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