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Let Me Help You With Data

Big Data Analysis

Data can do the work…

Extract the most of your large, complex and messy data sets. Make well informed decisions. See what data tells you:

–    click stream on web shop or site
–    web server logs
–    social media activity
–    social media contents
–    phone call records
–    customer emails
–    machine data
–    sample data
–    survey responses
–    etc…

When Excel and other conventional tools and programs cannot handle the large data volumes… I can help you exctract, process and analyze data for you and display it through powerful real-time applications.

Data Mining

Tune data.

Prepare data to be processed. Large data sets often come rather messy. Data mining is about tidying, cleaning, structuring and organizing large data sets, so they can be used for further processing.

I can help you run data mining and prepare for statistical analysis and for the programming of powerful tools.

Cluster Analysis

Discover new patterns. New segments. New trends. New behaviors.

Let your data make friends … cluster analysis is about identifying homogenous data within larger data sets.

Say, your clients that were buying Product A tended to buy Product B. Your new cluster analysis now shows that Product B is being replaced by Product C, and that Product B is being bought by a different segment. You might want to act on this, and you might want to do it ASAP. Through integrated cluster analysis you will have this info available just as it happens.

Get powerful real-time and automated reporting system & dashboards.

Statistical Testing

What works, and what doesn’t… what is, and what isn’t.…

Get a 95% confidence interval for your or clients’ performance parameters. Get answers through hypothesis and significance tests, power calculations, Chi-square tests, ANOVA…

Statistical testing states a framework to formally test your hypothesis enabling you to take data driven decision. It provides a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Get AB split tests on your web site, quality control test in production, behavioral and experimental tests for clients and employees, performance measurement tests for employees, treatment tests, sports performances…


Predictive Analysis

The future is (almost!) entirely unpredictable……

Predict market trends. Identify future risk & opportunities. Predict sales. Predict stocks. Predict markets. Predict…

Predictive Analysis is about predicting unknown future situations and uses techniques as data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The statistical analysis techniques used for predictive analysis are typically different kinds of regression analysis:
– Linear & Non-linear Regression Analysis
– Logistic Regression Analysis
– Multinomial Logistic Regression
– Multiple Linear Regression
– Time series analysis
– Ordinal Regression


Dynamic documents

Dynamic and elegant dashboards, reports, presentations…

Get your analysis converted into high quality and real-time documents, reports, presentations and dashboards. Fast, flexible and elegant.


1 picture = 1,000 words

74,384,841 data points illustrated in 1 simple graph that tells the whole story. Visualization is powerful communication. It’s a way to clearly understand the messages of large and complex data sets.
Get your data sets automated to show stunning multi-layered graphics or just to show a simple one-line graph.

Employee Development

Courses at your place…

Through a 2-4 days course, I offer training programs at your place (EU region). Courses are designed to your needs and from an organized platform and are brought to the audience in an interactive and lively manner. Subjects are related to procedures within big data and statistical disciplines.

Market Research

Save time… Move first

Days?.. weeks?… how long does it take to run multiple searches, read texts, build lists, research companies and make conclusions?

Save the time. Through techniques as web scraping, text mining, big data analysis and statistical programming the access to business information is faster than ever.

Get comprehensive analysis – in quantity and quality. All market players, markets, operations and other key data are captured and analyzed through deep-digging analysis.

Get the key info served in digestive sentences and graphs.


Sample Design

Is this real world?…

Does the sample give the real picture? Does it represent the true population? What is the minimum sample size? What are the sampling errors? What about bias?

Get the sample right. Statistical analysis provides a framework for calculating all key parameters in the sampling process. Terms as stratified, cluster, simple random sampling and then some… need to be evaluated.

I can help you sample.

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