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Statistics can help change from

“doing things right” to

“doing the right things”

Statistical Testing

What works, and what doesn’t… what is, and what isn’t.…

Be 95% confident that your clients’ performance parameters lies with a certain interval. Know if the outcome of a test is statistical significant. Know the minimum sample size needed in order to obtain a 95% confidence for a desired interval. Know if there truely is a difference between two products or groups based on your samples…

And know what all this means. Statistics is much about getting the wording and the interpretations right.

On my page on Statistics you will find descriptions on different statistical concepts, tests, estimations and prediction disciplines like:

The services listed below all belong to the category of statistical testing. I pin them out in order to specify exactly what I can offer you with statistical data analysis.

Throught my ‘Statistics‘ page, you will find a directory of my notes on statistics and soon a variety of cases and exercises with worked step-by-step solutions.

Let’s talk statistics for you. 



Sample Design

Is this real world?…


Will the sample outcome be representative of the true population? What is the minimum sample size? What are the sampling errors? What about bias?

Get the sample right. Statistical analysis provides a framework for the design of your sample. What is non-probability sampling and probability sampling? And why is it crucial to master these concepts? Whay are we aiming for simple random samples?

I can help you get the sample right.

Quality control

Quality control backed up and powered by data and the correct procedures.


Do small and inexpensive tests. They can go a long way when the correct procedures are applied. Review quality and fulfill quality requirements as to ISO 9000 focusing on aspects as:

  • Elements: Job management, process and procedure controls, records ID, performance and integrity criteria
  • Competences: Skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications
  • Soft aspects: Confidence, organizational culture, motivation, and team spirit

The statistical disciplines involved in QC can be sample design, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing as t-tests, Chi-square Goodness of Fit, regression, two-sample inference, one and two-way ANOVA

Let me help you establish, implement, and execute the right processes and procedures. Apart from conducting statistical analysis, I am PRINCE2 certified.


Predictive Analysis

The future is (almost!) entirely unpredictable……


Predict market trends. Identify future risk & opportunities. Predict sales. Predict stocks. Predict markets. Predict…

Predictive analysis is about predicting unknown future situations based on historical and observed data. It tipically involves statistical regression analysis: 

Let’s take a look inside the crystal ball. Let’s talk future, based on history.


1 picture = 1,000 words

74,384,841 data points illustrated in 1 simple graph that tells the whole story. Visualization is powerful communication. It’s a way to clearly understand the messages of large and complex data sets.
Get your data sets automated to show stunning multi-layered graphics or just to show a simple one-line graph.


Google Analytics

Unlock the full potential of Google Analytics. Know your site.


How to get and set up Google Analytics? How to organize my account? What are:

  • Audience reports
  • Acquisition reports
  • Behavior reports
  • Conversion reports

How to set up goals in Google Analytic? What is a segment? Am I using the right keywords?

Let me help you get started and to let you use the full potential of Google Analytics.


A/B Test

Let’s change “we think” to “we know”. Is A truly better than B?

A/B testing is an example of statistical testing. Typically, A/B testing is applied to compare two versions of an app or of a web site. Which version performs the best?

You might already be using A/B testing as it is a standard in web analytical tools as e.g. Google Analytics. It is also known as bucket testing and split testing.

When the right questions are asked, the A/B test can be designed, data can be collected, analyzed, and interpreted.

Let statistics do its work. Let’s not guess. Let’s know. Let me help you interpret the outcomes. I can help set up and execute A/B testing in your system. Or just run a one-off test for a specific activity.


Excel setup for statistics

Get power of statistics into your everyday. 


We drop a glass and it falls onto the floor. We have internalized Newton’s law of gravitation into every movement we do.

Not as much have we yet accepted statistics for what it can really do when applied correctly.

We see that Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Google are  ‘pretty’ smart at “guessing” about our likings. We might tend to think that they are just brilliant people and organizations. We might not give as much credit to statistics, because it cannot fall onto the floor and break. It is not that tangible.

But check out the “brains” behind:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Gaming & gambling industries
  • Every larger production line
  • Medications…

Although, not as visible as gravity, statistical calculations play a fundamental role in all so many aspects of our every day.

Get that power into your daily Excel environment.

Let me help you set up your Excel environment for your procedures or just for a one-off inference that you might want to make for a single dataset. Check also my notes on statistics (Statistics) where each relevant statistical disciplines has its ‘Excel paragraph’.


Excel Automation (VBA)

Automate! Make a robot out of your Excel.


We often repeat processes in Excel, copying data from one document or row/column and paste it somewhere else , insert/delete rows and columns, change calculations here and there. That can all be automated

Or we might wish to share Excel documents between peers and assure that everyone types in only “allowed values” in “allowed cells” and they save the changes and send them in the right ways. This can be taken care of through formulas programmed with Excel’s VBA (Visual Basic).

Can you recognize a few sets of operations that you do regularly in Excel? If so, you are ready. Because you can then describe the procedures, and this is step 1. 

Standardize procedures. Explore functionalities. Save time. Reduce errors. Be precise. Make Excel do the work for you.

Let me help you through Excel VBA programming.



Dynamic & Real-Time Documents

Dynamic and elegant dashboards, reports, presentations…

Get your analysis converted into high quality and real-time documents, reports, presentations and dashboards. Forget about manually updating of your reports. All automated. Fast, flexible, elegant and precise. Loads of robotic man hours saved. Loads of space for creative thinking gained. 

Employee Development

Courses at your place…

Through a 2-4 days course, I offer training programs at your place (EU region). Courses are designed to your needs and from an organized platform and are brought to the audience in an interactive and lively manner. Subjects are related to procedures within big data and statistical disciplines.

Market Research

Save time… Move first

Days?.. weeks?… how long does it take to run multiple searches, read texts, build lists, research companies and make conclusions?

Save the time. Through techniques as web scraping, text mining, big data analysis and statistical programming the access to business information is faster than ever.

Get comprehensive analysis – in quantity and quality. All market players, markets, operations and other key data are captured and analyzed through deep-digging analysis.

Get the key info served in digestive sentences and graphs.

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