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These references point to my ‘earlier’ career before starting with statistical data analysis: 20 yrs within sales, analysis and journalism mainly for startups. I trust that soon clients & partners related to statistical data analysis will join.

Carsten did an extensive technical documentation for the delivery of an industrial marking machine to our Spanish client, ArcelorMittal SA. The document was of high technical specialty. Carsten collected the data across our organization, and did progress reporting throughout the project. Both our client, Arcelor Mittal SA, and we, were most satisfied with the professional manner in which Carsten handled this job.
René Andersen

CEO, Alpine Metal Tech Denmark ApS

As a head of the regional rehabilitation hospital, Montebello, Malaga, I participated in Carsten’s project, which involved the establishment of a rehabilitation and wellness center in southern Spain. My role was to assist Carsten with knowledge in the field of rehabilitation and organization, as well as visiting.

I see Carsten as a entrepreneurial and inspiring person who is capable of learning new, complex material and to master the small details and to keep the overall overview. In addition, I experienced him as a strong project manager, capable of communicating and selling complex concepts, with an empathetic and welcoming kindness – an immediate key to trustworthiness . It has been a great pleasure working with Carsten.

Kirsten Andersen

MPA. Specialist in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology., Former Manager of Montebello Rehabilitation Hospital

Carsten has delivered expert data and advice for the Spanish real estate market related to our activities. It has been general and specific market data, legal and technical conditions, processes and procedures and the material that we have received from Carsten has indeed contributed to our progress in Spain. Also, he has helped introducing us to relevant contacts in the Spanish market.
Jesper Evensen

Owner, NBP Group

Carsten has elaborated the most thorough and comprehensive market analysis that we have seen on the Spanish market for Online Management Games. We are greatly satisfied with Carsten’s work.
Ole Christensen

Partner / Founder, Swush.com

Carsten worked for CASA:UNA during five years and contributed strongly to turning our company into a market leader. Carsten handled supervising, listing and selling of properties in of up to € 1.5 million and always delivered a professional and kind service to our clients balancing long term relationship with the urgency of closing sales.

Carsten has furthermore been in charge of a number of our marketing and analytical activities such as the elaboration of surveillance analysis and systems, management systems, editor on new media, property exhibitions, start-up of new concepts and more…

We are most satisfied with the quality of Carsten’s work and with his effort. We see Carsten as a skilful and loyal colleague.

Flemming Trap


As designer in Zapin, I worked very closely with Carsten who acted as interface between our clients and designers. Carsten worked out procedures for different processes. He dominated the demand specifications and was a strong communicator balancing client quality expectations with scopes of productions. A great professional and a good colleague.
Nina Fokdal

Media & Communication, Global Gateways

During visit from a Spanish delegation, Carsten worked as Spanish technical interpreter. All technical data was correctly and well communicated through to our clients. Both our clients and we were satisfied with Carsten’s work.
Claus Lønstrup Pedersen

CEO, Magnemag A/S

It has been a pleasure working with Carsten and I see him as a good colleague and professional estate agent. He has a lot of drive and is very organized giving top class service to our clients.
Monique Aarts


Carsten has been crucial in deals with the Spanish La Liga. He has achieved and handled data from the market. He has always succeeded immediately to get through to the relevant contacts who we have not been able to reach. Most thankful for Carsten’s efficient assistance.
Jan Laursen

Sports Director , FC Nordsjælland A/S

In the establishing of legal company in Spain we hired Carsten for the working out of legal documents in Spanish as well as for the handling of certified Spanish translations. Carsten made it easy for us as he also coordinated the effort with our Spanish lawyers. This was an urgent case for our company, and we are most satisfied with Carsten’s effort and with the professional way he handled our case.
Kim Clemstrup Olsen

Head of Legal & HR , Gamereactor

For reference, please feel free to contact Käte Larsen from Ældre Sagen directly: Käte Larsen (Socialrådgiver, MPH): +45 33 96 86 54; aeldresagen.dk
Käte Larsen

Social Adviser, Ældre Sagen

In the process of setting up our web shop, Carsten, handled data and translation preparing us for launch on the Spanish market. We are really happy with his work and through our Spanish business contacts we can confirm that he has done a great piece of work!
Kristian Luplau

Owner, SnorBan.dk

Carsten worked as a real estate agent and project manager. Because of his extreme high communication skills both verbal and written in several languages and professional behaviour, he was one of the best and most reliable forces in our company. His personality makes you feel completely comfortable. He is encouraging and always positive. If you want to have a reliable, hardworking and fast thinking employee with a good sense for quality, Carsten is the right candidate for you.

It has been a real pleasure for me to work with Carsten. I would do it again if I had the chance.

Michael Andersen

Senior Graphic Designer , Norrbom Marketing

I headhuntet Carsten as I knew him from earlier positions.

Carsten is a top sales and data professional even within sales of highly complex and technical solutions. He converts complex into simple – in many languages.

He treats and manages the clients in an exquisite manner and knows how to balance the here-&-now closure of a sale with the long term client relation. He was No. 1 in sales throughout the period (measured in units, figures and long term relations).

With his entrepreneur attitude he opened and developed a network of sales agents and through training, support and motivation he turned this into an efficient source of sales for our company.

Carsten might not be a control freak – but he likes efficiency. He optimized our logistics and our internal communication and increased productivity throughout our organization.

Carsten never sits still waiting for the next call. Then he rather goes knocking doors.

Peter Suurballe

Director, Acom Electric SL

In our start-up IT company Carsten built up the sales department and the client portfolio from scratch.

Based on his sharp analytical skills, Carsten developed and implemented working procedures and systems. He streamlined the company and the working procedures.

As interface between our clients and our technical department Carsten …. ensuring our clients’ absolute satisfaction.

Canvas sales were the main source client portfolio development and Carsten mastered the balance between long term client relationship vs. the urgency of closing a sale.

Our IT systems and services were, at the time, new to the market which resulted in relatively long sales processes: 1) awareness of the product; 2) interest; 3) desire 4) closing the sale and initiating after sales. Carsten mastered this process and immediately obtained understanding of our clients’ businesses.

As interface between our clients and our technical department Carsten elaborated data system requirements and organized and executed user training programs with our clients ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Carsten is a top professional in all the applied business disciplines: business and system development, project management, sales and CRM. He is a fast and efficient learner of even high technical issues and I hereby recommend Carsten as a loyal, emphatic and thorough partner.

Claus Sorensen

CEO, Spain-holiday.com

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